Some news will be duplicated (properly attributed) to free the reader from loading a blog or other website which is heavily laden with ads, popups, tracking software and other “undesirable stuff” which slows page load speed to a crawl and distracts from simply reading the subject article.

Some websites use a paging or slideshow technique which instructs the reader to click a button/link to continue reading the complete article. A reader may have to click a multitude of times in order to get the whole story. This is just one tactic that can be categorized as “undesirable stuff.” The click results in another complete reload of browser content. It’s a real pain in the ass.

Those who utilize this technique are employing a tactic to build up a data metric called “click-through rate.” Click-through rate is one metric search engines track and use as a factor in determining a site’s popularity and position in a web search result set. It also makes the website look more valuable to advertisers – this helps the website owner make more money selling ads. It also makes for a poor reading experience for the user who just wants to access the subject content.

Additionally, many sites that use these tactics just copy a story from an original author (sometimes without proper attribution). It is plagiarism for profit. My intent here is not to plagiarize or profit. I will attribute the source I used to reproduce the content. My motivation for doing this is to make finding information I find interesting easy and to make consumption of that information pleasant.

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