5 Stripes, 4 Stars FIVE STRIPES Numbered in top-to-bottom order, as they appear on the flag THREE WHITE STRIPES:  Represent the sides of the city 1. North Side 3. West Side 5. South Side […]

Flag of the City of Chicago

National League Championship Series     |   NLCS Chicago Cubs   vs. LA Dodgers Series Final: Cubs 1 – Dodgers 4 Thank you, Cubs, for a great season. Thank you […]

Chicago Cubs 2017

Study finds only 14% of people who use encrypted services such as WhatsApp properly enable the security features The apps encrypt messages, but more steps are needed to actually secure […]

Are YOUR messages secure?

HOME .NET Framework Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Windows desktop applications ASP.NET .NET Core Getting Started Direct DL MSDN Developer Centers Library MSDN Magazine TechNet Library Virtual Academy C# LEARN .NET […]

Microsoft .NET Links